Sibylle Hagmann has exhibited work in the United States and abroad. Her work also appeared in national and international publications.

Codes encode information and purposefully serve as in-between structures to transmit semantic messages. Deviating from a system of visual language that is legible and communicative, her work pursues varying gestures of signs and symbols, ambiguously depicted and at times without a trace of access or legibility. The notations and forms revolve around the fluidity of lingo and cryptography in constant flux. Structures of layers are composed into an interwoven landscape and embedded in at times a textured environment.

Hagmann, a Swiss-born American, earned her BFA at the Basel School of Design and her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts. She is a professor at the University of Houston School of Art. Sibylle Hagmann received the honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from the Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA, in 2021.

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